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Urgent Need for Donations to Purchase an Amplifier for our Hydrophone!

Due to equipment failure, we are now dependent on donations to replace the faulty instrument and continue with our field work.

We have had many whale encounters this summer and we have gained valuable information listening to and recording these amazing vocalizations that marine mammals produce. At certain times we however face technical issues and this time we are in need of your help.

Recently our amplifier (that connects our hydrophone) has become faulty and thus prevents us from listening and recording underwater sounds of whales and noise. Therefore the amplifier is a critical part of our acoustic equipment and the hydrophone will not work without it. Our work is heavily dependent on listening and recording underwater sounds of whales to study and understand animal vocalizations and the impact of anthropogenic noise.

At this moment we have done all we can to repair the equipment, but have concluded that the only realistic solution is to replace our old amplifier with a new one. An amplifier for our purposes would cost around 2500 Euros, which is a big expense for a non-profit organization like ours. We are therefore in desperate need of donations from anyone who wants to contribute and support us!

We don’t like having to upload posts like this one, but we are left with no other choice. Any amount would be helpful and greatly aid us with our field data collection. We have had a great season so far and with your help there is a chance that we could fix this issue quickly and complete this summer season with the best possible field data

Your donation would go straight to this imminent cause and would therefore be a very efficient way to support marine mammal research and conservation. To proceed with a donation we kindly refer you to this link:

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