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Exploring Reine in Lofoten

The Ocean Sounds Team went to explore Reine, a small village of Lofoten in northern Norway. We walked from Moskenes to Reine and around the surrounding areas for a little over 10 km, searching for whales with our binoculars along the way. 

The lookout point between Moskenes and Reine was a great spot overlooking the coastline, where you could easily see whales from land and not disturb them with noisy boats.

We were able to combine our exploring with an opportunistic sightseeing adventure. Searching for marine mammals with our binoculars, while looking at sea in the Vestfjorden and focusing our attention at the sea where usually orcas are spotted close to shore. We have seen them lately close to land.

Arriving in Reine we were welcomed with a unique scenery characterized by Norwegian boat houses, used to store boats and fishing gear, along with the dried fish hanging outside, made us experience the Norwegian tradition. 

After a short break enjoying the view we returned the same way, crossing bridges between the tiny islands. We had the privilege to visit this little village of Lofoten that is one of the most beautiful places in the world that attracts visitors from many countries.

Our Research Assistants have started to visit the countryside of Norway by walking and seeing what we can expect from this experience in Lofoten. 

We walked across several bridges, surrounded by beautiful fjords, Reinefjord and Djupfjorden and we passed beside the start of the Reinebringen mountain. The trail  up the mountain has a stone stairway up to the top of the mountain, which is 448 meters high and it takes 1560 steps to reach the top, it is one of things in our bucket list to do this summer for another day!

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